Vignobles de Larose are awarded AFNOR’s Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment certification at Exemplary level for the fifth time.

It is with immense pride, shared with our 62 employees, that we announce that we have been awarded AFNOR accreditation for Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment and Responsibility Europe at Exemplary level, with a ranking that places us in the top three wine estates in France. 

This CSR evaluation at the highest level reflects our desire to obtain a measured and objective exterior perspective on the maturity of our undertaking.

It is not just a vain promise. Our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a concrete one, and our actions are binding and measurable. We answer to the Sustainable Development Observatory online in accordance with international standard ISO 26000 

CSR Commitment is a solid and recognised label that gives credibility to and strengthens our CSR strategy since it is:

– an individual, on-site evaluation,

– conducted by a qualified expert assessor,

– based on publicly accessible benchmark data,

– associated with the voluntary international standard ISO 26000 which evaluates both business practices and results in relation to CSR.

As pioneers of Corporate Social Responsibility, Vignobles de Larose have already been submitting their CSR strategy for evaluation for 14 years. Our 2022 evaluation in brief:

– 4 châteaux and 3 production sites evaluated,

– 5 days on site,

– our 6th evaluation and the 5th for which we have obtained Exemplary level,

– 13 external stakeholders consulted: clients, suppliers, social inclusion agencies, viticultural service providers, associations, and the president of our board of directors  Etienne Pelce,

– all our managers and staff who were able to relate their daily experience in the workplace and offer concrete examples of the application of our CSR policies at all levels of the business.

This high level of exemplarity is our reward as we strive constantly to continue making progress on sustainable development issues. Our clients can count on us to meet the level of compliance demanded by their own commitments, and we ask the same of our suppliers.

Vignobles de Larose, give meaning to your emotions