Our Responsible Vineyards

Because each of our châteaux and vineyards have their own history and their own particular terroirs, they also have their own unique personalities. Pushing the boundaries of excellence, driven by our passion, they all, in their own way, express an element of the magic of the great wines of the Medoc that we wish to make accessible to a wide public.

In these exceptional terroirs we have inherited a miracle, an earth rich in more than three centuries of history and tradition. We are responsible for protecting its future and passing on its legacy.


Our estates

Château Larose-Trintaudon

Haut-Médoc • Cru Bourgeois supérieur

Château Larose-Trintaudon is an accessible fine wine that is highly regarded by novices and wine experts alike for its great taste. It expresses its strength of character with a finesse and suppleness that is universally appreciated.
It’s a wine made for sharing, for those moments when you want time to stand still and remain engraved in the memory, in the company of an excellent bottle. A wine that always lives up to its promise. It has been classed as a Cru Bourgeois supérieur since the revision of the classification in 2020.

"The miracle of Château Larose-Trintaudon is its exceptional terroir, over such a vast area"

Franck Bijon, chief executive
Anne Turpyn


"Château Larose-Trintaudon never disappoints. Whenever I take a bottle to someone’s house, they always appreciate it. They recognise its red and gold label and so many people have got good memories and stories to tell about this wine. Sometimes I’m worried that my friends might get bored with it, but if I don’t take it, they soon say something! It creates a kind of ritual that everyone enjoys, you can’t go wrong with it."

Anne Turpyn, commercial assistant
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Château Arnauld

Haut-Médoc • Cru Bourgeois exceptionnel

Two great experts of the terroir, Franck Bijon and Hubert de Boüard, were the driving force behind the renaissance of Château Arnauld, purchased in 2007. They identified the potential of 5 hectares along the river’s edge, then selected other exceptional parcels one by one to create an estate of 17 hectares of great homogeneity, now classified a Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel. State of the art technology allows a better understanding of the living raw material and raises it to new heights. Château Arnauld never fails to amaze those who taste it, and many see in it a potential new “great name”. It is the kind of wine that is best appreciated eyes closed, that succeeds in elegantly reconciling intensity and smoothness in a virtuoso expression of the great legends of the Medoc.

Gaël Chapuis


"I learned how to taste wine here, as the wine was being made, trying to imagine how it would turn out, to educate my palate. Château Arnauld is an amazing wine. Being able to taste this wine… I’m so lucky. After it’s bottled you understand, you realise why so much care was taken of it for two years."

Gaël Chapuis, tractor driver and cellar hand at Château Arnauld

"I was born in the Médoc. It’s traditional to drink wine in the family, and at mealtimes we sometimes like to taste wines blind and try to guess what we’re drinking. One day I opened a Château Arnauld to compare it to some classified grand crus, and I can tell you that it came out with flying colours!"

Benjamin Doursout, assistant vineyard manager
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Château Arnauld

Domaine de Perganson

Haut-Médoc • Château Larose-Perganson • Cru Bourgeois supérieur

The historic terroir of Domaine de Perganson was established in 1789 after the King’s advisor, Jean-Pierre de Pontet, purchased the land to plant vines. Today this estate of originality and great promise is part of Vignobles de Larose. And although the chateau building of Larose-Perganson which once stood here disappeared in the turmoil of the Second World War, its wine is still produced with the greatest respect for the earth and for its heritage.

"I enjoy working here because there’s always something new, a willingness to take risks. Last year we tested a wine with no added sulphites, and because it was a success we’re making more this year. Right now we’re making a Marselan in terra cotta amphorae. It’s a relatively unknown variety in Bordeaux, and we have to find the right way to handle it when cap punching or racking….it really opens your eyes to new things!"

Valentin Sausse, cellar hand
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Julien François


"Of all the wines we produce, my favourite is Château Larose Perganson. It’s perfect. You’d think it was a Saint-Julien, it’s just extraordinary. It goes with everything and is unbeatable value. Everyone I know quickly became big fans!"

Julien François, vineyard manager

Château Tour de Pez

Saint-Estèphe • Cru Bourgeois

Château Tour de Pez is our latest acquisition, our most recent challenge, and our new source of pride. Situated in the Saint Estèphe appellation, it’s a three-centuries old estate that shares part of the exceptional Pez lands with other great names. Its exacting terroir offers magnificent grapes in return for fine, delicate, precise work. Since 2018 we have applied the very best of our skills in both the vines and in the cellar, with hand picking, optical sorting and temperature control. Château Tour de Pez is an emblematic and expressive Saint Estèphe, capable of asserting its power with rare grace and finesse.

"We eagerly seized the opportunity to breathe new life into this “sleeping beauty”. It has the immense qualities of structure and power that characterise Saint Estèphe, but with a unique, personal expression, with wines that are full-bodied, aromatic and elegant, enchanting on the nose, with not a trace of austerity."

Franck Bijon, chief executive
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"It’s no coincidence that the name “Pez” sounds familiar. The greatest wines of Saint-Estèphe are cultivated on this body of land. It’s a name that holds a promise of excellence, and we intend to keep that promise."

Isabelle Citéra, communications manager