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How can we reconcile the multiple challenges of facing up to the current threat to the environment, perpetuating an historic and regional heritage, and safeguarding the future of our enterprise? Of guaranteeing the development and security of our employees, forming ethical relations with our partners, respecting the terroir and its biodiversity, and ensuring the pleasure and health of our consumers?

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We are all Responsible

We began to ask ourselves this vastly complex question at the turn of the century, and we continue to do so every day. In all our actions. In all our decisions. At all levels. We have found no one single response, but are constantly discovering new ones.

That is the objective of the Responsible Vineyards Charter that we created in 2009. A commitment that means we assume the responsibility for finding answers, and pursue a constant and sustained quest for improvement, day after day, step by step.

We are all Responsible

A commitment that is recognised and distinguished by accreditation

  • AFAQ 26000 Commitment to CSR, Exemplary Level since 2010 and Advanced since 2008.

  • High Environmental Value

  • Best of Wine Tourism

  • Vignobles & Découvertes label:
    Château Larose Trintaudon - 2015
    Château Arnauld - 2020

Our Responsible Vineyards handbook

A wealth of information to share and an invitation to all those involved in viticulture to follow our example and adhere to CSR principles, as recognised by AFNOR.

Download our handbook
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AFAQ 26000 CSR: the first European agricultural company to attain Exemplary Level.

  • 2001

    ISO 9001 Certification
    Quality management 

  • 2003

    ISO 14001 Certification
    Environmental management 

  • 2005

    AFNOR Reasoned agriculture certification • Now HVE, High Environmental Value

  • 2007

    Partnership with the French union of beekeepers in the “Bess, Guardians of the Environment” programme

  • 2008

    First Social and Environmental certification - AFAQ 26000 CSR Advanced Level

  • 2009

    Creation of the Responsible Vineyards Charter

  • 2010

    AFAQ 26000 Social and Environmental Responsibility certification: the first European agricultural company to attain Exemplary Level.

  • 2019

    Terra Vitis Certification

  • 2023

    AFAQ 26000 Committed to CSR evaluation: at 'Exemplary for the 5th time' level

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