Winemaking professions

Working in wine covers all aspects related to the winemaking process, from harvesting to bottling and packing, including all stages that the wine undergoes in the vat, and the management of the barrel hall. Even if these roles are rapidly evolving thanks to technical progress, they are crafts that are rooted in a revolution that took place three hundred years ago. For it was here, in the Médoc, that the Grand Crus were invented, with the emergence of the idea that wine, more than just a simple beverage, was a rare pleasure, the expression of the convergence of a terroir and an art… In the cellar we are looking for enthusiastic, attentive, conscientious and energetic people who are passionate about wine.


Valentin Sausse

"We deal with the transformation of the grapes up to the moment the wine is bottled: grape reception, fermentation, running off, clearing out the vats, racking into barrels, transferring back into vats and final blending, then fining and bottling. We work on the previous vintage as well as the current one. I’ve been here a year and a half, I’ve just been through my second harvest and I’ve learnt a lot… about oenology, theory. Our cellar master really knows his stuff, it’s inspiring. We’re always trying to beat records, to constantly improve. It motivates you, it gives you a goal to aim for, that’s the spirit of the business. We are trusted to do things, we have a lot of freedom in our work. What I’m proudest of is the way I’ve gained in confidence and responsibility in a year and a half. I’m working on more and more important aspects of winemaking, and my skills are valued."

Valentin Sausse, cellar hand

"I learned the work of cellar hand on the job. It’s technical, you have to want to learn. The school of life was my way, I’ve learnt a lot like that! For me, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. It’s got to be right. Those values are what help me to progress… attention to detail, passion. And once the job’s finished I’m proud to see what we’ve achieved, the wine that we’ve made. To start from the harvest and see what we do with it when you know all the stages that we have to go through… it’s long, fastidious, with hours and hours of testing and tastings. It takes a long time to make a great wine!"

Gaël Chapuis, vineyard worker and cellar hand
Gaël Chapuis

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