Support functions

The people who work in our support services are also vital to our success! Working in synergy in our head office at Saint-Laurent, they ensure the distribution of our production, our compliance with the appropriate legislation, our financial equilibrium, and make sure our ambitious strategies stay on track. Whatever their profile or background, we are above all looking for people who are autonomous, responsible, driven and flexible.


"I’m an agricultural engineer. I joined the company in 2013 at the age of 23 as quality project leader, in the field of bottling and packaging. Eighteen months later I was responsible for the whole bottling and packaging process. In 2018 I was appointed CSR Manager, which is now a department in its own right within the company, and I sit on the management committee. I’m rarely in my office, I get involved in all our projects to inject my experience, participate in discussion, and evaluate our responsible practices. There’s no question of getting bored! It’s difficult switching from one project to another, it can be destabilising, but I enjoy that aspect of it, that challenge."

Amélie Caplain, CSR manager
Amélie Caplain
Lory Carle

"I look after sales administration, in other words everything connected with the sale and distribution of every single bottle that leaves our cellars, and that’s over a million a year! It covers invoicing, stock control, customs formalities…I also man the switchboard and handle the mails that are sent to our general e-mail address. My post comes under the office services department, and I work with all parts of the business, except the vineyard. I’m happy to be able to bring my own methods to the job, it calls for a lot of autonomy, and that suits me fine. My first experience here was in a summer job when I was a student, and I left with a very positive impression, that it was a company that was very organised, where everyone gets on well together. It’s a very well-known property, one of the biggest in the area, and everyone speaks well of it. It was my dream company!"

Lory Carle, sales administration

"I started here in 2011, after my diploma in Tourism and a first professional experience in the events management sector, setting up a wine tourism programme. I progressed to a commercial assistant post in B2B, working on major accounts, with big retail outlets and wine merchants mainly. My job is to be in regular contact with them, to anticipate their needs, but also to organise the international or regional events that we participate in, with a bit of press relations too. I enjoy the contact with people, organising events, and I like everything to be just so! We’re in contact with a wide public thanks to the reputation of our brands, and that’s really our strong point and what makes my job so interesting."

Anne Turpyn, B2B commercial assistant
Anne Turpyn

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