Allianz: a relationship of trust

Vignobles de Larose is an autonomous subsidiary company within the Allianz Group, under the stewardship of Allianz Real Estate. As the only wine estate within the Group’s portfolio, we represent a long-term real-estate investment, in the same way as bricks and mortar, contributing to the group’s financial stability and helping to secure the guarantees that it offers. Allianz fosters a management culture based on creating ecosystems that encourage and respect the skills and initiatives of its subsidiaries. We share the same commitment to CSR, and together develop strategic policies and orientations that allow our business to prosper and adapt to evolutions in the market.



The organisation of the company: all responsible.

Vignobles de Larose is organised around five core activities composed of four professional hubs and one CSR department, each represented on the Management Committee by their respective managers. Our management style is guided by concern for social and environmental responsibility, with the objective of allowing each of our employees to develop their leadership qualities and encouraging them to take the initiative in their professional roles.

Numerous innovative solutions and modifications to our methods have sprung from actions that have been initiated, proposed and tested by the personnel on the ground.

This pragmatic, common vision of “all responsible”, instigated by our Chief Executive Franck Bijon who joined the company over 30 years ago as Technical Director, is more than just a good intention, it is the reality of our way of doing things.

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"Working together every day, each of us with our different personalities, has forged a kind of "Vignobles de Larose" attitude, where the common interest always comes first. There's a real team spirit."

Amélie Caplain, CSR manager
Amélie Caplain
Franck Bijon

"What interests me today, as Chief Executive of this company, is to work with people who are creative, committed, and enterprising. The question I ask myself is, what can I do to contribute to their growth."

Franck Bijon, chief executive

"The confidence of our stakeholder, Allianz, has enabled Vignobles de Larose to grow in responsibility, and to pursue an ambitious strategy of growth with the acquisition and augmentation in quality of Château Arnauld, the acquisition of Château Tour de Pez, the renovation of its cellars, and the construction of a new winery at Saint-Laurent… We have a shared vision of the future. The relationship goes beyond simple governance… it offers genuine encouragement and support."

Brice Amouroux, deputy general manager
Brice Amouroux

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