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Vignobles de Larose would be nothing but scrubland without the men and the women who work the land every day, without the partners, suppliers and contractors who accompany them, and without the people who buy the wines. The company relies upon the energy and the will of the people within it. Their security, their well-being and their development are the keys to its success, and the responsibility of each and every one of us.


Julien François

Stable employment?

"We've integrated environmental concerns into our actions… The challenge we are facing in the coming years is one of human resources, : of recruiting and training and restoring dignity to this profession that no longer attracts the local youth."

Julien François, vineyard manager

"The challenge we are facing in the coming years is one of human resources"

Julien François, vineyard manager

Employee Health?

"Since they installed sports equipment on site, we can do fitness training in the evenings twice a week, and 15 minutes warm-up every morning, with a coach. It’s great. There’s always lots of people, and it really does you good. I used to say, “I do enough sport in the vines”, but I have felt the difference, I’ve got fewer back problems, especially when we’re pruning or typing up."

Josette Boschi, winegrower
Josette Boschi
Valentin Sausse

Well-being at work?

"Making top quality wines is a real technical challenge. We’re always trying to do things better, it motivates you, gives you a goal to aim for, that’s the spirit of the business. What I’m proudest of is the way I’ve gained in confidence and responsibility in my job."

Valentin Sausse, cellar hand

And equity in the workplace?

"For example, the division of labour in the vines between men and women is a very traditional. It’s how they’ve always done things in the region, and it’s not necessarily logical since some very physically demanding jobs are done by women. It’s changing, bit by bit, with the idea that people should be interchangeable, but it would be too simple just to declare “it’s 50/50” and to ask women to bang in stakes with a sledgehammer! Here you’ll find women pruning, which is pretty rare elsewhere. We’ve got a woman tractor driver, and three others in training. And we regularly hold collaborative meetings."

Julien François, vineyard manager

"We work together to improve working conditions, equity, parity and remunerations."

Julien François, vineyard manager

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