History of the Vineyards



The creation of Domaine Perganson

The history of Vignobles de Larose, like many other important properties in the Medoc, is complex and tumultuous, with stories of inheritance, transfers and acquisition. But who was the first to plant vines here? For us, it all began in 1719.

  • 1680

    The development of the Médoc vineyards

  • 1700

    The New French Clarets of the Médoc

  • 1719

    Jean-Pierre de Pontet acquires the Perganson lands

  • 1742

    First listing of the fine wine, Perganson “Pontet-Perganson”

19th Century

The birth of Trintaudon and the golden age of the chateaux

The 19th century was a period of incredible expansion across the whole of the Medoc. Winemaking expertise developed, the notion of terroir was better understood, and the emphasis was no longer on quantity, but on the excellence of the wines. For the vineyards of Perganson and Trintaudon, it was a period of great growth, construction and recognition. They were awarded gold and silver medals at the Bordeaux International Wine Exhibition of 1882 and the World Expo in Paris in 1889. The “Grand Wine of Larose” is recorded as being much appreciated at the Fair of Amsterdam in 1884.

  • 1815•1817

    Henry Delaroze inherits the Domaine

  • 1838

    Henry Delaroze creates the Larose vineyard on the Trintaudon estate

  • 1858

    Count Ernest de Lahens inherits the estate

  • 1884

    Lahens commissions the construction of Château Trintaudon

Early 20th century

The decline

Ravaged by vine diseases and devastated by two world wars, numerous properties in the Medoc went into decline, or disappeared altogether. For our vineyards, this time of crisis saw the demise of Château Perganson, and almost all of the vines were abandoned…

  • 1900•1905

    Phylloxera and mildew devastate the vines

  • 1910•1915

    Loss of the quasi-totality of the harvests

  • 1923

    Count Tchernoff, a white Russian migrant, administers the final blow

  • 1935

    Government grants are offered for pulling up vines


Rescue and renaissance of a great estate

The Forner family, important property owners and wine connoisseurs, recognized the potential of the estate and set out to rehabilitate it. Trintaudon and Perganson wines were once more in production and winning hearts. The estate became one of the largest in the Medoc, attracting the attention of a leading financial services group looking to invest in sustainable real estate.

  • 1963

    Domaine Larose-Trintaudon, in a state of semi-abandon, is purchased by the Forner family,

  • 1986

    The Allianz Group (formerly AGF) acquire the estate


Targeting exemplarity, and further expansion

One of the shared ambitions of the Allianz group and the teams at Vignobles de Larose is to develop and maintain the long-term value of the vineyards, by perpetuating the miracle that made them famous. To do so they have to face up to an enormous challenge – that of reconciling respect for the environment, commitment to human well-being, and economic prosperity. This has been at the core of the company’s development for twenty years, and it is now held up as a shining example. In this period, two new chateaux joined the family: Château Arnauld and Château Tour de Pez.

Château Tour de Pez
  • 2001

    ISO 9001 certification

  • 2003

    14001 certification

  • 2005

    AFNOR Reasoned Agriculture certification.

  • 2007

    Acquisition of Château Arnauld

  • 2008

    Social and Environmental certification - AFAQ 26000.

  • 2009

    Creation of the Responsible Vineyards Charter.

  • 2010

    AFAQ 26000 certification at Exemplary level.

  • 2019

    Terra Vitis certification

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