Our harvest finally came to a close on 5 October, after over two weeks of intense labour.  It will remain in our memories for one simple reason… it was the earliest harvest we have ever known at Vignobles de Larose.

The previous record of 17 September for the beginning of the harvest (in 2011!) has now been broken with the picking of the first Merlots at Chateau Arnauld on 14 September 2022.

Should we be pleased? To be honest, it’s not an easy question to answer. On the one hand we are seeing grapes of exceptional maturity with amazing sugar/acidity balances, but on the other hand we are aware that we must continue to adapt our vineyard and our practices to this very real phenomenon of climate change in order to guarantee its future.

In 2022 our vines didn’t really suffer from hydric stress in spite of over 3 months of drought, thanks to the work and decisions of all the technical teams.

The grapes are plump, the first juices have a richness that we have never seen before, and the first vats post fermentation are extraordinary.

Let’s not be afraid to talk of the vintage of the century, because it is certainly not far away.

Franck BIJON