Blind tasting session

Tasting wine in the dark allows you to get away from the image of the wine.
The taster can no longer be deceived by a label, an appellation, or even a color.

We offer you a special visit every Wednesday at Château Arnauld
(upon reservation).

Privilege Visit: We will unveil the world of Château Arnauld, an exceptional Cru Bourgeois, during a privilege visit. You will discover the Vignobles de Larose and their environmental vision. We will visit a plot of land where we will explain our daily work in the vineyard. This visit will continue with a tour of our vat room and our fully renovated barrel cellar where you will learn more about our winemaking and aging techniques. You will then visit our old castle, renovated with modernity. Finally, you will taste 3 wines by blind tasting – Comte d’Arnauld, second wine of Château Arnauld – Château Arnauld, Cru bourgeois Exceptionnel – Collection d’Arnauld, jewel of know-how, aged in hundred-year-old barrels.