Vignobles de Larose are awarded AFNOR’s Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment certification at Exemplary level for the fifth time.

It is with immense pride, shared with our 62 employees, that we announce that we have been awarded AFNOR accreditation for Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment and Responsibility Europe at Exemplary level, with a ranking that places us in the top three wine estates in France. 

This CSR evaluation at the highest level reflects our desire to obtain a measured and objective exterior perspective on the maturity of our undertaking.

It is not just a vain promise. Our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a concrete one, and our actions are binding and measurable. We answer to the Sustainable Development Observatory online in accordance with international standard ISO 26000 

CSR Commitment is a solid and recognised label that gives credibility to and strengthens our CSR strategy since it is:

– an individual, on-site evaluation,

– conducted by a qualified expert assessor,

– based on publicly accessible benchmark data,

– associated with the voluntary international standard ISO 26000 which evaluates both business practices and results in relation to CSR.

As pioneers of Corporate Social Responsibility, Vignobles de Larose have already been submitting their CSR strategy for evaluation for 14 years. Our 2022 evaluation in brief:

– 4 châteaux and 3 production sites evaluated,

– 5 days on site,

– our 6th evaluation and the 5th for which we have obtained Exemplary level,

– 13 external stakeholders consulted: clients, suppliers, social inclusion agencies, viticultural service providers, associations, and the president of our board of directors  Etienne Pelce,

– all our managers and staff who were able to relate their daily experience in the workplace and offer concrete examples of the application of our CSR policies at all levels of the business.

This high level of exemplarity is our reward as we strive constantly to continue making progress on sustainable development issues. Our clients can count on us to meet the level of compliance demanded by their own commitments, and we ask the same of our suppliers.

Vignobles de Larose, give meaning to your emotions


Decanter Fine Wine Encounter London 2022

Decanter Fine Wine Encounter London 2022, which will be held on
Saturday 5 November at The Landmark London.

Come and taste our wines

Château Larose Trintaudon 2016 and 2018, Château Larose Perganson 2015 and 2018, Château Arnauld 2015 and 2018, Château Tour de Pez 2018 and 2019

« Tasting France » at Bruxelles

« Tasting France » at Bruxelles – Business France – Vins & Spiritueux 🍷🇫🇷🇧🇪
tasting château Larose Trintaudon 2016, château Larose Perganson 2015, Domaine Perganson Expérience 2019, Présage 2019, Inattendu 2019, château Tour de Pez 2019, château Arnauld 2019, 2014, Collection Arnauld 2016 Business France – Vins & Spiritueux

tasting france


Our harvest finally came to a close on 5 October, after over two weeks of intense labour.  It will remain in our memories for one simple reason… it was the earliest harvest we have ever known at Vignobles de Larose.

The previous record of 17 September for the beginning of the harvest (in 2011!) has now been broken with the picking of the first Merlots at Chateau Arnauld on 14 September 2022.

Should we be pleased? To be honest, it’s not an easy question to answer. On the one hand we are seeing grapes of exceptional maturity with amazing sugar/acidity balances, but on the other hand we are aware that we must continue to adapt our vineyard and our practices to this very real phenomenon of climate change in order to guarantee its future.

In 2022 our vines didn’t really suffer from hydric stress in spite of over 3 months of drought, thanks to the work and decisions of all the technical teams.

The grapes are plump, the first juices have a richness that we have never seen before, and the first vats post fermentation are extraordinary.

Let’s not be afraid to talk of the vintage of the century, because it is certainly not far away.

Franck BIJON

Organic Agriculture


Vignobles de Larose has over many years developed a Responsible Vineyards© strategy that places sustainable development (CSR)at the core of its viticultural and winemaking activities.

It is now over 15 years since Vignobles de Larose, as a true pioneer, first adopted this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, and as a result has now accumulated nationally and internationally recognized expertise

in the field.

With our strong commitment to environmental and societal concerns, we champion a global vision that supports the fight against climate change, the promotion of biodiversity and the protection of our soils, our neighbours, our

staff, and our partners.

Within the framework of this strategy, and following several years of trials, Vignobles de Larose has decided to engage in the process of conversion to Organic Agriculture.

This concerns the whole of the 255 hectares that make up Vignobles de Larose and will be achieved over a period of five years. Château Arnauld and Château Larose Perganson, respectively Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel and Supérieur

in AOC Haut-Médoc, and Château Tour de Pez, Cru Bourgeois in AOC Saint Estèphe, will be the first to embark on the process which will result in them gaining organic status in 2025. Château Larose Trintaudon, Cru

Bourgeois Supérieur, will achieve organic certification in 2026.

We are convinced that the complexity of the issues involved in sustainable viticulture demands a multi-dimensional approach. And that is why we are pursuing our Responsible Vineyards© strategy in a spirit of open mindedness and

critical analysis, and by embracing all solutions that are pertinent and beneficial.


Franck BIJON

Chief Executive


Unfortunately, Château Larose Trintaudon is closed for renovation.
We propose you visits and tastings on another of our properties, in Arcins: Château Arnauld – Cru Bourgeois exceptional.

Visits and tastings from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.
Contact : Audrey – 0675592842 –

To get there, follow the guide!
Château Larose-Trintaudon Château Arnauld – +- 15 minutes drive :
From CHÂTEAU LAROSE TRINTAUDON, join the D101 in the direction of Beychevelle. After crossing Beychevelle and Le Darous, continue on the D2 in the direction of Cussac Fort-Médoc.
Cross Cussac Fort Medoc, continue straight on the D2.
At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit on D2 and continue.
Cross Cussac le Vieux and continue on the D2.
Drive along LAMARQUE until you pass the town and continue on the D2 for 2 kilometers.
Enter ARCINS and continue straight on until you reach the church.
From the church, go to the Place des Châteaux (in front of the restaurant “Le Lion d’Or”): you will then go along the CHATEAU ARNAULD which is on your right.
Enter to discover our wines 😊

Blind tasting session

Tasting wine in the dark allows you to get away from the image of the wine.
The taster can no longer be deceived by a label, an appellation, or even a color.

We offer you a special visit every Wednesday at Château Arnauld
(upon reservation).

Privilege Visit: We will unveil the world of Château Arnauld, an exceptional Cru Bourgeois, during a privilege visit. You will discover the Vignobles de Larose and their environmental vision. We will visit a plot of land where we will explain our daily work in the vineyard. This visit will continue with a tour of our vat room and our fully renovated barrel cellar where you will learn more about our winemaking and aging techniques. You will then visit our old castle, renovated with modernity. Finally, you will taste 3 wines by blind tasting – Comte d’Arnauld, second wine of Château Arnauld – Château Arnauld, Cru bourgeois Exceptionnel – Collection d’Arnauld, jewel of know-how, aged in hundred-year-old barrels.


5th edition of the Rencontres Jean-Marc Quarin de Lausanne

Friday, September 4, 2020

These Meetings will take place in the prestigious setting of the Lausanne Palace Hotel.
An inaugural dinner, at the starred restaurant La Table d’Edgard, will launch the festivities on Thursday 3 September.
La Grande Dégustation & Tasting Workshops :
Friday 4 September 2020 from 14h00 to 21h00

Inaugural Dinner:
Thursday, September 3, 2020 from 8:00 p.m.

OÙ ?

La Grande Dégustation & Ateliers Dégustation:
Hôtel Lausanne Palace
Grand Chêne 7-9
1006 Lausanne

Inaugural Dinner:
Restaurant La Table d’Edgard
Hôtel Lausanne Palace
Grand Chêne 7-9
1006 Lausanne