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Participation of the property in the Medoc Open Days – inviting local producers, organising a Gourmet Market, arranging demonstrations of work carried out in the vineyards, welcoming the Mollat Bookshop « Mollat en Médoc »,  and other partners.  50% of our employees participate as volunteers in this activity. The recent Open Days in April 2012 saw 1800 visitors in the space of the weekend. 

Desire to participate in local socio-economic development. 74% of our purchasing is done locally.  80% of our staff and their families live less than 30km from the château.

Renewal of the partnership with UNAF and our engagements with regard to the «Bees – Guardians of the Environment» Charter. Six hives situated in the chateau’s park produce over 80 kg of honey each year.  The analysis of this honey is an excellent indicator of the area’s biodiversity and has inspired a special planting programme. 


Reasoned Agriculture  «The right dose, in the right place at the right time» is the rule applied to all our vineyards.  Different technical developments (Oenoview, weather station, Optidose) and human intervention (from the vine growers, the vineyard managers and their assistants) mean that the use of phyto-sanitary products is reduced by almost 15% each year.  The objective for 2015: the total elimination of chemical weed control.  This is the result of progressive investments in materials and human resources which allow the 225 hectares of soils to be tilled. We have also put in place a biological system to combat the grape berry moth, using the sexual confusion method by the use of pheromone capsules. 

In the context of our Quality Control standards and our focus on customer satisfaction we have, since 1999, implemented a system of traceability from the vine up to expedition of the final product in bottle. 

We pay particular attention to resource management and effluent control in the course of all of our activities. To help us create a plan of action for the reduction of emissions we undertook a Carbon Footprint and Lifecycle Analysis and the actions carried out as a result of these analyses have allowed us to substantially reduce our consumption of energy and natural resources.  For example, for the 2010 vintage it took 1.50 litres of water to produce one litre of wine compared to 1.80 litres of water for the 2009 vintage. In addition, we have equipped ourselves with a biological waste water treatment unit which deals with all our wine production effluents.

We have created an Individual Training Programme for our personnel.  Over and above the legal requirements we propose a personalised programme of professional training for each member of staff according to their individual needs and the particular requirements of their job.  In 2011 every member of staff received on average 21 hours of training.  Training and awareness programmes are key areas in our personnel policy, and the training of all our vineyard staff in the recognition of vine diseases has also contributed to the reduction in the use of treatment products. 

Historically viticulture has been a male dominated profession, due to the physical nature of the work and also to old traditions.  However, evolution in working practices and techniques has allowed women, and notably at Larose Trintaudon, to occupy posts such as pruning, cellar hand, technical assistant and manager.  In 2011 41% of all posts were occupied by women.  

For many years we have pursued a policy of promoting continuous improvement.  Today, and in a logical continuation of our quality and environmental programmes, we have chosen to place sustainable development objectives at the heart of our organisation.   All procedures are approved by external bodies.  In 2010 Château Larose Trintaudon received recognition at the ‘Exemplary’ level of AFAQ 26000, earning the label ‘Responsible Vineyard’.

Responding to customer needs is our principal mission.  The search to satisfy our customers, our buyers and our consumers has allowed us to create a commercial strategy adapted to market needs and to our brands.

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