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a brief history

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Château Larose

Creation in 1719

In 1719 Jean-Pierre du Pontet acquired Domaine Perganson at an auction. 

Around 1815-1817 Henry Delaroze, then mayor of Saint-Laurent, inherited Domaine Perganson.

In 1838 he created a new vineyard of 15,95 hectares situated on the parcel known as the « tènement de Trintaudon ».

In 1841 wine was sold under two Domaine names : 80 barrels of Larose Perganson and, for the first time, 60 barrels of Larose Trintaudon.

In 1858-1859 Count Ernest de Lahens became proprietor of the domain and in 1884 built just next to Château Perganson (which is today a ruin) the Château Trintaudon as we know it today, surrounded by greenery and distinguished by its tower which dominates the landscape like a lighthouse in an ocean of vines.

The property is mentioned under the name « Trentaudon » in the first edition of « Bordeaux and its Wines” published by Féret in 1850.  In an earlier publication the vineyard appears on the map of the commune of Saint-Laurent.  Classed in 1st position, which attests to its quality, it was then producing 20 to 30 barrels.  (As an example it should be noted that most crus bourgeois and artisan winemakers of the time produced on average 10 to 20 barrels).  In the second edition of Féret in 1868 it is mentioned as a cru bourgeois, then in the third edition of 1874 as a cru bourgeois supérieur – the classification it retained thereafter. 

Attributed many medals (Gold and silver medals at the Universal Exhibition in Bordeaux in 1882, at the Paris Exhibition of 1889, the Amsterdam Exhibition in 1884), the « Grand Vin de Larose » was much appreciated by connoisseurs.

In 1872 Count Ernest de Lahens increased his domain with the incorporation of the Plateau property bringing it to 345 hectares.


With the advent of the phylloxera epidemic in the middle of the 19th century, the viticultural vocation of the property was jeopardised.

Mildew, with its ravaging effect on wine quality, also contributed to its decline.   This unprecedented crisis seriously damaged the reputation of the great Medoc wines, causing a wave of sales of chateaux.     

In 1923 Count Tchernoff, a white Russian migrant, administered the final blow to the domain.  This extravagant gentleman farmer (married to a rich American from the Morgan family of bankers) maintained an expensive lifestyle and, it is said, drove a Rolls Royce.  He had a large quantity of vines pulled up to make place for his project of a modern industrial dairy farm, but the enterprise ruined him as he had not known that only robust vine roots can penetrate the gravelly stratum and draw nutrients from this austere soil.    

In 1963 Domaine Trintaudon passed through the hands of a Spanish General, the Duke Del Infantado, before the Forner family acquired it in a state of semi abandon.   After a long period of renovation (restructuring of the vineyard, new equipment in the cellar and rehabilitating the château in a flamboyant bourgeois style) the domain was restored to its former glory.   175 hectares of the best grape varieties were planted on the scientific advice of an eminent wine and vineyard specialist, Professor Émile Peynaud.

entering the portfolio of the ALLIANZ insurance company

In 1986, Allianz bought the domain, now one of the largest vineyards in the Medoc both in terms of size and production (averaging over a million bottles per year).  The investment was based on its great potential thanks to intelligent management with the advice of the best specialists, and meticulous work carried out by an efficient and cohesive team. 

Since that date its reputation has grown year on year, and it is now considered one of the very best Crus Bourgeois.

In 1994, in association with their subsidiary insurance company in Chile, AGF and Château Larose Trintaudon took over management of 100 hectares of vineyard south of Santiago, with a production of one million bottles per year.  

In 2007, Château Larose Trintaudon bought Château Arnauld Cru Bourgeois Supérieur Haut-Médoc.  This property at Arcins, on the Chateaux route, is composed of 76 hectares, of which 40 hectares are under vines, and produces approximately 250 000 bottles per year.


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